About the Conference

The initiative of organising a conference on Action Research is motivated by a series of workshops presented by Erin Watters (English Language Fellow in Constantine, Algeria) to the students of English at the English department at the Ecole Normale Supérieure ‘Assia Djebar’, Constantine (ENSC), as part of the English Language Fellowship programme sponsored by the US Embassy Algiers. The conference aims at bringing together research findings and teaching practices in the foreign language classes. This objective is a major concern for the mission of the ENS Constantine, which is devoted to higher education and teacher training. In this perspective, the ENS Constantine is partner of several cooperation programmes with international educational institutions including the University of Gavle (Sweden).

The conference sheds light on the challenges and benefits of taking action to solve problems that foreign language practitioners may face throughout their career as teachers and/or researchers. Teachers need to develop the ability to observe and analyse classroom practices, and implement and evaluate courses, textbooks and teaching materials. In this perspective, action research should be considered as ‘a core element of teachers’ work, not as an optional extra’ because ‘it has benefits not only to the teachers for thinking about how to improve their own practice but also for their students’ (Norton, 2009: 22). Consequently, an adequate action research methodology is required to enhance logical reasoning before taking pedagogical action (Whitehead & McNiff, 2006). Furthermore, teachers usually adopt a reflective attitude towards their abilities to design, plan lessons and act as teachers by assuming roles, tasks, and interactions with their learners. This attitude prepares novice teachers to become future researchers.

Action research ‘like all forms of research, requires time, commitment and resources in order to carry it out successfully’ (Norton, 2009: 01). Involving novice teachers and teacher-researchers in materials analysis, evaluation and design increases their exposure to the profession and enhances their self-confidence and their self-efficacy in designing their own teaching materials (Graves, 1996, 2000). This commitment engages teachers in the risk-taking, problem-solving attitude to the challenges they face in the context of teaching and collaborating with colleagues. Language learning principles, pedagogical organisation, and classroom atmosphere become academic arguments of sharing the experience with colleagues and convincing other partners of providing financial resources and material support for life learning action. In the long run of action research activities, teachers’ professional and academic careers would increase and bring sustainable development to the teaching and learning community.


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Objectives of the Conference:

  1. Allow opportunity for collaboration between researchers and practitioners;

  2. Mutualise and capitalize on research findings;

  3. Encourage ENS students to present posters and discuss their research topics/issues in an academic context; and

  4. Promote career development and sustainable development.

Main Tracks of the Conference:

  • Theory and Practice of Action Research

  • Data Collection and Analysis

  • Integrating Research into Classroom Practices

  • Problem Solving and Pedagogical Innovation

  • Promotion of Career and Sustainable Development

Chairman of the Conference:


Director of ENS-Assia Djebar -Constantine

Scientific Board

Hamada Hacene - ENS Constantine (President of the committee)

Watters Erin – English Language Fellow/US Embassy (co-president of the committee)

Abderrahim Farida – University of Constantine 1

Beghoul Youcef - University of Constantine 1

Belouahem Riad - University of Constantine 1

Hacini Fatiha - University of Constantine 1

Hamlaoui Naima – University of Annaba

Bougherara Khemissi - University of Oum El Bouaghi

Mabarki Zahia - University of Sétif 2

Merrouche Sarah - University of Oum El Bouaghi

Guendouzi Amar – University of Tizi Ouzou

Karamostefa Leila - University of Chlef

Messekher Hayet - ENS Bouzereah Alger

Benammar Naima- ENS Oran

Idjet Ahlem - ENS Constantine

Merad Soumeya - ENS Constantine

Houadjeli Ahmed Chawki - University of Biskra

Nemouchi Abdelhak - University of Oum El Bouaghi

Kaouli Nadir - University of Batna

Chelli Saliha - University of Biskra

Chelli Madjda - University of Constantine 1

Ghaouar Nesrine - University of Annaba

Touati Ouissem - University of Algiers 2

Ameziane Hamid - University of Tizi Ouzou

Idri Nadia - University of Bejaia

Organising Committee

President: Djouima Leila (Responsible person in charge of Teacher Development Program)

Hamada Hacene (President of the Scientific Committee)

Watters Erin (English Language Fellow/US Embassy)

Mousser Henia (Vice Director in charge of Post Graduate Studies)

Benyahia Amel (Head of the English Department)

Hedjel Soumia (Head of the French Department)

Mezhoud Soraya (Responsible person in charge of Foreign Relations and Cooperation)

Haddad Amina (Responsible person in charge of Quality Assurance)

Kaoua Assia (General Secretary)

Belguechi Rym (E-learning unit)

Boulmerka Soulef (Department of English)

Boulkroun Meriem (Department of English)

Taoutaou Dihia (Department of English)

Gridi Mehdi (Department of English)

Bouchair Bouba (Department of French)

Bouchemal Falek (Department of French)

Raissi Loubna (Department of French)

Chagou Osmane (Department of French)

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